The most common vaccines we administer are listed here. If you don't see what you're after, please inquire.


Flu shots are available September through February: Quadrivalent, thimerosal-free, and senior vaccines offered.

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Hepatitis A

Available year-round: recommended particularly if you travel where Hep A is prevalent or work with food.

Hepatitis B

Available year-round: recommended particularly for health care and public safety workers.


Available year-round: recommended for those who smoke, those with chronic diseases, and all adults over the age of 65.

PPD (TB or Tuberculosis)

Available year-round: recommended for those who work in high-risk settings such as long-term care facilities, nursing homes, homeless shelters or correctional facilities.

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"Setting up a flu shot clinic in our office was a breeze with Affiliated Physicians. They were highly responsive at every step of the way. Set up was seamless and Justina was the perfect nurse. She was so friendly and patient with our group. Couldn't have asked for a more positive experience."
Jessica Espinosa - Executive Assistant, Social Code

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