Program Design

Program Design & Implementation

A successful wellness strategy begins with Affiliated Physicians.

Our dedicated account managers take pride in designing custom programming that suits your needs. This begins with getting to know you, the company and its culture, and most importantly, the individuals who make up your employee population.

We have a comprehensive process to achieve your goals within your budget:

Assess management support

Set goals and objectives

Establish a budget

Assemble a wellness committee, if appropriate

Get employee input

Design the complete program

Implement: plan, schedule, execute

Incentive distribution


Our research indicates that frequent touchpoints throughout the year keep folks focused on their overall health and create an environment where employees feel valued and cared for.

Key milestones must be met whether carrying out a single event in a single location, or a multi-week event, in numerous locations across the country.

We drive this process, taking as much work out of your hands as possible.

Determine any necessary meetings and program time lines

Set dates, reserve rooms, and gather specific location information

Set the communications plan for your staff

Set up registration process; whether in-house or by using our online system

Confirm the event details when scheduled and again as we get closer to the event

Accomplish the event as planned

Follow-up with reporting and billing

Data Management

Data Management

In addition to aggregate data and participation reporting that is included in our programs, many clients and brokers we work with have specific data management requests.

As each client may have their own unique requirements, Affiliated Physicians can meet your needs. We work with a variety of data vendors, including: insurance providers, information management and analytics vendors, and other partners who manage this sensitive information. These can include: workforce reward program systems, care management services, concierge programs, and more.

Data is always safe, secure, HIPAA protected and handled with strict safety and security protocols.

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