Flu Vaccinations

On-Site Flu Vaccinations: Safeguard your most valuable asset

Reduce healthcare costs and increase retention and employee commitment with on-site flu vaccinations from the leader in corporate health solutions.

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We are the Preferred Flu Vaccination Provider and most valuable partner for businesses and companies in New York City and across the Country.

We pay exacting attention to detail in providing you the best possible customer service, and our flu vaccination clinics are easy to schedule, easy to promote, and easy to implement.

Your employees will love the convenience of receiving their flu vaccinations in their workplace, and you’ll be a champion for promoting this.

Flu season spans 8 months (October-May) and on average, an employee who gets the flu will miss 3 days of work.

The benefits of offering critical vaccinations at work and on-site are clear: easy access, no time lost, and a quick visit with a nurse, just steps away from one's desk.


In order to properly prepare for your program, please note the following:

Reach Out Now

Reach Out Now

To guarantee vaccine and PPE resource supply, please get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss the details of your event.

Clinic Flexibility Guarantee.

Clinic Flexibility Guarantee

Once your program is reserved, we will be flexible over the coming months with any changes that you need to make to your program dates.

Clinic Cancellation Guarantee.

Clinic Cancellation Guarantee.

We understand that this year will bring a lot of unknowns, and so booked clients are guaranteed flexible terms with regards to canceled events due to onsite positives and additional regional lockdowns.

Schedule your clinic date with peace of mind. We are flexible with booking dates and, in most cases, can accommodate changes up to 30 days before a program date; please reach out to your account manager when you are ready to book.

Standout Team
Continually improving

Continually improving on our best.

We are proud and humbled by the loyalty of our clients. Year after year, we get to conduct follow up surveys, gauge customer satisfaction and continually enhance our offerings based on real-life feedback of long-time clients. Our clients love us, and our fanbase is growing.

Smooth operators

Smooth operators.

Our on-site events go as planned. Period. Because nobody knows how important keeping to a schedule is better than you. Our expert process management team attends to any last-minute issues to ensure the smooth execution of your onsite event.

A great team starts from within

A great team starts from within.

Our clients love our service because our employees love working with us. We use only Registered Nurses to deliver flu vaccinations, provide updated annual training, and retain our great team members for years.

A reliable system, expertly executed.

A reliable system, expertly executed.

Our reliability stems from multiple touchpoints with you and with our nurse staff. We keep in constant contact to ensure your clinic goes off without a hitch.

Guaranteed availability, tailored programming.

Guaranteed availability, tailored programming.

Guaranteed vaccine availability; customizable programs; flexible scheduling and implementation; a simple online scheduler, complete with promotional and educational materials; utilization and participation reporting; full HIPAA compliance.

Deliver outstanding service to your

standout team.

Flu Vaccinations

As one of the largest flu providers in the US — and the largest onsite flu vendor in the Tri-State — we are prepared to secure your 2024 flu vaccine program. Ensure the health and safety of your staff with the same level of unsurpassed reliability, flexibility, and white-glove service you know and expect.

Contact us by June 20th

Reach out Now

Let us know the total expected

Let us know the total expected number of shots

Confirm a program date at any time

Confirm your program date (flexible with a 30-day notice)